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RackSite Community Guidelines

RackSite is a global community network dedicated to connecting hunters worldwide.  RackSite is dedicated to becoming one of the largest and, as such, publicly visible community of hunters across the globe via our social media network.  Part of connecting this global community involves promoting and protecting hunter rights and responsibilities. 

We cannot do this without a concentrated effort to show the world we are responsible members of our community, we are conservationists who care about the land, we care about and treat with respect the animals we harvest and the animals which are part of our environment, we are upstanding members of our local communities, we believe in the freedom of expression, such as the freedom to debate and discuss fervently those issues which are of great importance to us, and in return we respect the rights of others to do the same; we respect the rights of landowners and restrictions on public property, the regulations of hunting and fishing laws in general, including seasons, tags, bag limits, areas, units, wilderness areas and restrictions on motor vehicle use, we err on the side of caution when necessary and take care to learn the rules and regulations so we can exercise our rights to the fullest extent of the law. 

Through these principles we can show the world we believe in and adhere to the humane harvest of animals and the preservation of our environment for ourselves, our children, our children’s children, and all generations of people to follow.  We believe following these principles will encourage others to understand our rights, recognize we take these rights seriously, and consequently encourage others to work with us to manage the forests, deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers, and the environment where we hunt and play.  In sum, we take these responsibilities seriously in this RackSite Community because we care about our community and our world, and primarily because, whether anyone supports, understands, or opposes our cause through our responsible actions, this is WHO WE ARE. 

In keeping with those principles, RackSite reserves the right to remove anything on our site, such as any post, story, tag, application, link, comment or photo, and, where necessary, to delete any account. 

Keep in mind the following guidelines, but also use your good common sense:

            RackSite takes seriously any of the following items, these items are not intended as an exhaustive list and RackSite reserves the sole and exclusive right to determine whether any content posted to or associated with RackSite will be removed or reported:

  1. General threats of violence,
  2. Bullying or threatening behavior (such as cyber-bullying or cyber-stalking),

  3. Threats of self-harm,

  4. Hate speech, or

  5. Violations of court orders (such as no-contact orders or an order not to register for a social media site – such as for being convicted of a sexual offense).

  • Graphic Content.

    1. Nudity,

    2. Graphic Displays of Violence, or

    3. Disrespect for animals.

  • Privacy Rights of Others.RackSite respects the privacy, safety, and well-being of users on this site.

    1. Public shaming such as the use of posts to bully, harass, intimidate or blackmail other users or individuals.

    2. Gratuitously sharing the personal information of others.

  • Phishing or Spam.

  • Fraud and Deception.

  • Misuse of the guidelines above – such as posting photos of your latest out of season poaching expedition, trespassing on private property or violations of other laws.

Remember many of the items posted are visible to other members of the RackSite community and, at times, members of the public as a whole, and may be stored and shared by others – even if only posted for a moment.  Also keep in mind the terms of RackSite (and the requirements of the law) mean the information you post, store or share in any way (including messaging) may be stored in our data base server and may be obtained by the authorities of any state, country, province or other territory by way of subpoena, court order or search warrant where we have a good faith belief that we are required to do so.  Also keep in mind these posts may contain metadata which can also be obtained by a legal court order or other means and may include things such as the time, date and location you took your last photo which may, for instance, provide information about the date and location where the deer or other animal in the photo was shot.    

RackSite also reserves the general right to not only turn over this data to authorities where, in good faith, believe it to be required by the law, but also to report this information to the appropriate legal authorities where we deem it necessary such as to report an imminent threat of harm to others or the exploitation of children. 

If you see something on RackSite that you believe violates our terms or the laws of any country, you should report it to us.  Please keep in mind that reporting a piece of information does not guarantee it will be removed from the site.  While something may be disagreeable or disturbing to you, it may not meet the criteria for being removed or blocked and may fall within the category of public debate and free speech.  For this reason, RackSite allows you to use personal controls to quietly cut ties with people, pages or applications that offend you. 

This Statement of the RackSite Community Goals and Objectives and the other Terms is not meant to expose us to legal liability or create any duty or other legal obligation for RackSite, but it does outline those efforts we will take to keep RackSite a safe and secure community of responsible hunters, sportsmen and sportswomen, and others who join RackSite.

            Happy Hunting,